Hauz Khas Village - A Foodie's Delight

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Hauz Khas Village - A foodie's delight, illustrious for it restaurants, cafe, boutiques, art galleries & antique shops. Being a foodie, I was well aware of this fact and been planning to visit here since long. I had to write a review about some restaurant for foodaurmood.blogspot.in and thought to pick one from Hauz Khas Village. Its located in South Delhi and nearest to Green park, Munirka and IIT Campus. A well organized place, expecting a good number of commuters, the Car Parking space is just at the entrance and a barrier saying "Welcome to Hauz Khas Village". Park your car and walk over to the narrow streets experiencing a beautiful fusion of food and art.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village                                                             Spacious Car Parking on your left

This Place is buzzing till late night, you will find food eateries, affordable desginer and old monument here. The eating joints here are great and offers wide variety of cuisines starting from Indian, Pakistani, Mughlai, Nepali, Tibetan to Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, Mexican and much more.  Its a old place yet quite modern with narrow lanes and a great consortium of popular cafes. There are lots of options for shopping but i was more attracted to the restaurants and bar. It instantly reminds me a place in Goa because of the music and trendy restaurants all around. Me and my wife were very excited and started taking pictures as there was so much to capture. I went there prepared, after reading reviews for various restaurants. While exploring the restaurants around we came across to a place with old monument, Hauz-I-Alai. Unfortunately it was closed at that time and after checking with someone from there i found that the place stays open till 7 in the evening. I would've certainly missed this place that day, it was looking very beautiful from the entrance. You can see three tombs lighting up with three different colors. My next visit to Hauz khas will certainly going to have the beauty and nature in Hauz-i-alai captured for you.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

This place is safe enough to visit. A person of any age group can go and enjoy his/her share of time, One can go along with the family, friends or the partner and undoubtedly going to spend some wonderful moments of your life here. I saw some outlets of Fashion Boutiques and Jewellery, So the ladies might have extra fun because it offers you a place to shop. I was there till 11 pm and this place was very much alive, so don't bother yourself in case you have reached here a bit late at night. You will still have plenty to do and a lot to enjoy. I personally finds this place a complete delight for foodies, i dined at the Pink Room Restaurant & Bar, but still holding a list of restaurants like Yeti Himalian, Raas, Golconda Bowl & Asian Kitchen, planning to visit these restaurants in near future. I would definitely recommend this place and especially if you have not been here or still planning to visit  here. Me and Jiya (my wife) captured some pictures around this place for you, lets take a look on these.
Hauz Khas Village
Hauz Khas Village        A old antique looking scooter hanging on the top floor

Hauz Khas Village
Ole Couture, a high-end store

Hauz Khas Village
                                               Antique Shop, just outside the Hauz-I-Alai entrance

                                                        Painting on a wall at some corner

This is all what I have about Hauz Khas Village for now. Getting your views and experience regarding it, will be appreciated. Please let me know in case you know something else or more about this place, I would love to hear that.

Disclaimer: These pictures are taken with our Fujifilm HS10 Camera and we are the owner. Please do not copy the pictures without our consent. Thanks.
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