This picture was taken on the way to Base camp, Shivpuri. One word, Destiny, came to my mind when I saw this image. What comes in your mind?

Diclaimer: These pictures are taken with our Fujifilm HS10 Camera and we are the owner. Please do not copy the pictures without our consent. Thanks.
 Bro, so what were you studying there?
Sis, are you kidding me?

 This photograph is my favorite!!

Wed 29, isn't it immortal through this photograph?

Oh! I am so tempted by these shiny balloons. I love them and this sunflower looks like a pet for me.
Sun Kissed Summer, a picture taken in last summer at a mall in Ghaziabad!! Let me know if you belong to Ghaziabad.
Thrifted slippers and some nail art fun!!
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