Exploring Waterfalls in Rishikesh

Time to get chill out and stay away from the scorching heat/summers out here in Delhi..What else you can ask for, if you manage to search a waterfall which is not crowded at all and give you a feel of  your personal waterfall...I wish you could find and explore such waterfalls ;)

Rishikesh is a place where you might find couple of small and beautiful waterfalls. I have seen people searching for waterfalls in rishikesh, as there are some waterfalls which are not popular enough and not much people are aware of those and believe me they are a real beauty. We manage to search one in rishikesh -- Neer Waterfall. Its on the way from shivpuri to rishikesh, around 2 kms when you are driving from shivpuri towards rishikesh.

                                      Neer Waterfall Entrance Gate, lets start the journey of waterfalls

                                You will find this couple always standing like this to welcome you :)

rishikesh, trekking

 Don't get scared with the above pic, its actually another waterfall above the waterfall where we are going..if you have enough confidence OR for more adventurous fun..you can continue climbing up in search of more waterfalls!!

        Another waterfall come by on the way to Neer waterfall..you can stop and have fun out here too. Its all yours..you can have your drinks here on the Rocks!!!!

 Here we come to Neer Waterfall after trekking more than 2kms, nice experience walking upwards on the hill to reach this little, lovely and amazing waterfall.

                                                              Neer Waterfall, Rishikesh

 An unforgettable journey to explore this lovely waterfall, which amazed you more about the Nature we have. I would love to hear from you, if you have came across to this place or may be another one like this...

Disclaimer: These pictures are taken with our Fujifilm HS10 Camera and we are the owner. Please do not copy the pictures without our consent. Thanks.
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